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Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy Trails.

Ahhh... a long holiday weekend. Do people actually expect to get work done on the Friday before Memorial Day Weekend? I mean, honestly... today should be like a free day.

So, this weekend... I'm heading to Chattanooga tomorrow morning for a trail half marathon and I am VERY excited about it. It's my first real trail race and I am just excited to be running a race for fun instead of trying to school bitches in a Grand Prix race or PR. Yay! Expect a full report next week.

And Monday morning, instead of racing in the Grand Prix race... I'll be volunteering. Yup. That's right... I'm finally shedding the "lazy" and "freeloading" nicknames and am volunteering for a race instead of running it. (And you know I'm only doing this because I have to volunteer to be eligible for the Grand Prix prizes). I get to clip chips! Which is kind of ironic, because, I usually have comments about the chip clippers after races. I find that in about 30% of all the races I run, I usually wind up clipping my own chip off. Now, it is true, that I clasp that chip on like a mofo, because the last thing I want to do is feel like I'm going to puke for 24 straight minutes and then find out that my time will not be recorded because I lost my chip somewhere along the way. So, yeah, any chip that gets strapped onto my shoe is SECURE. So, now people can bitch and moan about me not being able to clip their chip off. Karma.

Any wagers on how many shoe strings I clip in the process?

Good luck to everyone racing this weekend! And especially good luck to Spike who's running the Bayshore Marathon.

Happy Memorial Day!


Melanie said...

Hey - yes, that is me that will be volunteering! Yay! It will be awesome to actually meet you. And hey, the restaurant and bar recommendation in Dublin would be great so feel free to send it my way!

Spike said...

have fun on the trail. tell people their feet smell, even if it isn't true.

J said...

Have fun in the trail race and enjoy volunteering at the race! Happy weekend!

Anonymous said...

Surprised your area hasn't switched to D-tags yet. Most of the races I do these days use those instead of chips and it is so much nicer not to have to worry about it at the end of the race. But I'm also paranoid about it coming off at some point.