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Friday, March 20, 2009

What's up?

So, if I'm being honest with y'all (and myself)... I'm having a hard time, lately. I'm in the middle of an "awesome run" drought. I haven't had one of those runs where you just feel like you could run forever without stopping... where you don't even realize that you're running wayyy faster than you should be... in 2-3 weeks, I'd say.

I've been slow. REALLY slow, lately. My runs have been generally sluggish and the last couple of times I've done intervals and hills I've struggled to get through them. Gone are the days of ripping through a mid-week run with 8:30 splits... I'm lucky to get 9:30 splits in.

I'm exactly a month from the marathon and maybe it's not a big deal. Maybe it doesn't matter that I'm not getting the times I want, but I'm still getting the mileage I need? But... it's definitely a shot to my ego. I don't know what it is... I've looked over my training log to try and see if I can find something there that I can point to and be... "ohhhh... that's why." And the only thing I can think of is general marathon training fatigue?

Here have been my last few weeks mileage totals:

3/9/2009 — 3/15/2009: 41.5 Mi
3/2/2009 — 3/8/2009: 55.6 Mi
2/23/2009 — 3/1/2009: 53.8 Mi
2/16/2009 — 2/22/2009: 53.6 Mi
2/9/2009 — 2/15/2009: 36.6 Mi

And this week I'll end up with around 57.

I realize, that for me, these are some pretty significant numbers. Previous to this training period, I've only had one other 50+ week, ever! But, I do have a good base and have worked my way up to the mileage I'm at now.

I'm not really worried... I'm just going to continue to get the mileage in and hope that the running mojo finds me again soon... (preferably on April 19).

In other related news... thanks for the tips/advice about the gels, etc. I picked up some Shot Blox on Wednesday night (strangely enough, the local running store didn't have these. I had to go to REI. Which, kinda sucks as it's out in the 'burbs). I got 2 of the Margarita ones (I'm hoping the extra sodium won't be too gross. I once tried the Powergel Tangerine flavor that had 2x times the sodium or something and I seriously gagged, between the consistency of the gel and the saltiness... ummm.. yeah, 'nuff said. I sent a pretty hilarious text to April after that run) and one Cola one. I didn't realize they came in such a long package. I guess I'll have to break them down and put them in ziploc baggies to carry them. Here's hoping they work out tomorrow morning!


StangLuvr said...

My guess is general fatigue or being tired of running the same area over and over. Looks like you have been doing the training right (unlike myself, who is out hurt right now), so I don't think that is the problem. I know you are motivated, so that ain't it. I think the overall training is catching up to you. You taper down after this week right? Maybe that will refreshen your legs. If feel like you need it. Take a day or two off next week and relax. Go get a message or something. That way you are chilled out and ready to go for STL.

Is your running routes getting boring? If they are, you might need to find a few new ones for the last few weeks. If you need a running partner on the weekend (I know you and Vandy-Montana run alot together), I can come down and run with ya when I get better.

Just keep at it. This is just bad karma trying to get ya down. Keep your head up and keep going. YOu GOT THIS!!!!

Spike said...

so I clicked over to your training log and gave it a review, and it seems that fatigue is the likely cause. it appears you have run six days every week for several weeks, forcing you to run six consecutive days w/o a break.

even shorter easy runs take their toll. so I think fewer runs and try to focus more on time over the next few weeks, working tempo runs and alternating quicker miles with regular pace miles. By now, your base is there, so cut out a shorter run or two. all of that should help regain your quickness.

Vandy-Montana said...

I'll take drinking with Vandy-Montana for $1000, Alex.

J said...

Wow that is a ton of mileage each week! You have had so many 50+ weeks! Are you taking days off? maybe you just need to cut back a bit or spice things up somehow?? Put an interval run in the middle of your long run??

Danielle said...

I heart Clif Blocks. Just remember that one package equals two gels. And the margarita ones are so-so. Not horrible, but definitely salty tasting...

And I am impressed by all those miles! My longest weeks during training were like 40 something!

FoodsThatFit said...

Oh my goodness, I am so glad to have found your page!!! It is awesome!

I hate to tell you this, but I tried the margarita Shot Bloks and thought they were TERRIBLE! I was totally able to taste the extra sodium. Here is the link where I reviewed them:

Have a great day lady!

Anonymous said...

I also think Tangerine and Green Apple are tied for the worst Power Gels ever. If you don't like shot blocks, please try Carmel Power Gel. It's only $1.10 or so and I think you might like it. Add one more rest day to your schedule for the next couple weeks. You deserve it.

Anonymous said...

I read your blog before I checked my personal email. Saw this message from my coach and thought it might benefit you:

Don't forget that nutrition can be an important part of your training, especially in the next couple weeks of high mileage and race day preparation. Now is not the time to diet or cut back on fuel. Hungry all the time, or always feeling tired? Try eating 5-6 "mini meals" instead of 3 big meals a day for all day energy.

Cookies, crackers and many other snacks do not provide you with the nutrition that you need to stay healthy for your race. Try eating snacks with both carbs and protien such as an apple with peanut butter, plain yogart with fresh fruit, carrots and hummus or smoothies made of non-fat milk. Taking care of yourself now is just as important as putting in the mileage. Food is fuel!