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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Treadmills, Rain, and Snow...

This week has been all jacked up. It's January, though... and January is notorious for screwing with my training schedule. Damn you, January!! (You can't see me, but I'm shaking my fists and scowling).

Monday morning: I woke up feeling like shit. The weather was fine... but, I was not. I went into work and thought, well maybe I'll be feeling better in the afternoon and can run then. Sadly, that didn't happen. I went home from work early, napped, ate dinner, puked, drank gatorade and passed out. No running.

Tuesday morning: I woke up feeling fine... but I could hear the rain beating on my windows. The schedule suggested an 8 mile run... I decided to put that run off till later in the week. I skipped running in the rain for running on my parents treadmill last night. I could only muster 4 miles on it, though. But, I have to say... it was the fastest I'd run on a treadmill. For whatever reason I just cannot run my regular pace on treadmill usually.

Wednesday morning: I woke up every few hours all night long and constantly heard the rain beating against my windows. I prayed for a lull around 6am. When I finally did get up... my prayers had been answered. I ended up running most of my run in light (sometimes even misty) rain. It's gusty, but bearable. I got in 5 miles and by the time I got done doing my strength training and hopped out of the shower it was snowing.

Which leaves us to right now... it's stopped snowing (booooooo! no snowman). The weather is supposed to fine the rest of the week, so I shouldn't have any more setbacks. But check out what I have left to run this week:

Thursday: Speed workout. Probably 5x800s, which will give me total mileage around 7.5.
Friday: 8 mile run (to make up for Tuesdays run)
Saturday: 8 mile PACE run.
Sunday: Long run of 11 miles.

I hate getting behind in my schedule. But, on the bright side... at least I'll be burning some major calories the rest of the week.



J said...

Looks like 4 super fun days of running! Take care of yourself!

johnking said...

yea the weather sucks. thats it.