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Saturday, January 31, 2009


So, remember my long run last Sunday? The one where my stomach wouldn't freaking leave me alone? And remember how I said I didn't carry my house keys and that I ran like 2 blocks from my place?

At one point... I even asked Vandy Montana... "Is there a bathroom in your building's lobby?" And he replied something about no, but that even if there was, he didn't have a way to get in...

You see... my building... while nice... is very LOW on the amenitites. Which, personally, I like, because it means lower Association Fees... but, I KNEW that we didn't have a bathroom in our lobby... I mean, we're lucky to have a freaking rug and a side chair.

Last night, I was coming in the back entrance that goes straight into our parking garage (bypassing the lobby) and I spotted it... It wasn't the first time I'd seen it before, but since I rarely come in that way, I had forgotten.


Key required? Nope... I've got a code that I can punch into the keypad and let me in. Ugh. I'm such an idiot sometimes. If I contracted some sort of airborne disease from using that McDonald's bathroom, I'm going to be really pissed.


RunnerMom said...

Well, at least now you know!

Have you heard of/tried GU Roctane? It's supposedly got ginger in it to settle your stomach and also caffeine.

See you in two weeks! Are you doing Tom King, too?

Beth said...

I empathize with your bathroom dilema like only another runner can. I'm sure you will make use of your new find in the future!

Joe said...

hey, there are worse things you can get from a mcdonalds bathroom than something airborne!

Spike said...

Maybe you can lobby for your association to place a sign in your lobby that says "Restroom this way --->" Reminders on walls are always helpful.