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Friday, December 12, 2008

Weekly Pace Setter: CHIC RUNNER

Name: Well my name is Danica, but I go by Chic Runner because of my blog.

I run in: Nike Pegasus. This is weird, because I never thought I would be a Nike Girl, and now they are my favorite!

Why I run: I run because it gives me time to think and just to get out a lot of my energy. It gives me a lot of things to look forward to and something to do that I have grown to love. It helped me get through the death of my mom, and is just something that I can do whenever I want to.

How long you’ve been running: 10 years

Are you training for anything right now?
Currently, I’ve just started training for another ½, the Huntington Beach ½ marathon on February 1st.

Running Pet Peeve: I hate it when runners around me watch me. I hate being watched when I run because I feel like I look like a freak.

Favorite Running Song: I love “Disturbia” by Rhianna, and I love “World hold on” but I forget who that’s by. I love really upbeat stuff that makes me want to go faster

Favorite race: Well my favorite race was back in high school called the Jungle Run and it was at Carbon Canyon Park in Brea. I love the outdoorsiness of the race and running through the path that took us in a jungle type area. It was so different than what I was used to running.

Favorite place to run: I love to run at the beach, but I also love running in new areas as well. I love being out in the open and ‘one with nature’ it sounds so cheesy, but I usually can only run on streets so being around in new areas and where there is more nature is much more scenic.

Short Term Running Goal: I want to run a full marathon in 2009. I was planning on running a full in 2010, but I figure, there’s no time like the present right?!

Long Term Running Goal: Qualify for Boston

Favorite Cross-training activity: Competitive Eating. Just kidding, that would be too funny, but I do enjoy riding bikes and going for walks. Not so much cross training, but oh well.

Favorite inspiring quote: “Run with your Heart” Dean Karnazes

Post Run Guilty Pleasure Food: Taco Bell. I love sugar and candy too. I eat anything that’s really bad for me.

Running Gear Wish List: Garmin! Expensive but I’ve realized that if I’m going to get serious I need serious gear.

Proudest Running Moment: So far it has been completing my first ½, but I hope one day I can say I ran Boston.

What’s the best piece of running advice you’ve ever received? Never stop. No matter what, don’t stop, because it will just be harder to start up again.

Favorite Race Fuel: Shot Blox are my addiction. I eat them like candy and then get way to hyper and can’t stop running.
Magazines you currently have subscriptions to: Lucky, Domino, Real Simple. I’m still a girl, even if I run!

Where do you want to visit? I would love to visit Australia. I think seeing it would just be amazing

What is in your CD player right now? A mix CD I just made that has some Taylor Swift, the new Brandy Song, some Kings on Leon and then some Colbie Calliet. Random, I know.

What is on your nightstand? A candle, my journal, a pen, a little lamp and Dean’s Book “Marathon Man”, which I’m currently reading and loving.


Chic Runner said...

Thanks Guys! :) You two are great! :)

ECrunnergirl said...

Yay Danica! I say let's go get Boston!!!! Your blog is awesome by the way :-}

Joe said...

Another Taco Bell fan! I could eat there every day. That's healthy right??