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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Dear Santa,

I've been oh-so-good this year. OK, so not really. I can't lie to you. Yes, I've been a good wife, friend, sister, daughter and employee (especially employee), but I've not been such a good runner (or blogger). Truthfully, Santa, it's been hot and cold with me. I'm either hardcore or I'm not running at all, due to an injury, working overtime, or just plain tiredness. However, my intentions were good and the #1 item on my New Year's resolution list is to RUN-everyday. That counts for something doesn't it, Santa? So with the hopes of not getting coal in my stocking this year, I present to running/fitness Christmas wish list.

1. A bike. Ok, so technically I do have a bike already. And good 'ole Rickety Cricket has been good to me for short rides around the block, but you and I both know that I'm putting my life on the line every time I hop on that bike. Seriously. I got it for twenty bucks at a garage sale and I fear that it will literally fall apart every time I ride. It's named Rickety Cricket for a reason (10 bonus points to the reader who can tell me where that name came from). I'm not ungrateful, but I'm trying to reduce injury next year...not provoke it. 2. A new windbreaker. Preferably one with lots of zipper pockets. My current running jacket is great cause it has so many pockets, but it just doesn't breathe. I feel like I'm in a sauna when I wear it. I'd also like one that helps me not get run over in the dark...again, trying to reduce injury in 2009. 3. Running tights. Any kind will do, thank you.4. Nike's hatphones. These are cool and I love running gadgets. Plus, a stocking cap and headphones are often uncomfortable...and add sunglasses? Nope. That equals no music on my run. Hatphones would solve the problem. 5. An injury-free 2009. Healthy, strong legs are much desired.

Just 5 little things...that's not so much to ask is it Santa? I didn't think so. But in all seriousness, I'm so very grateful for what I have. It's been a tough year, but all in all, I have much to be thankful for. I'm looking forward to a great 2009! Merry Christmas everyone!!!


Joe said...

Hope Santa brings you some good stuff, esp the injury-free upcoming year. If he brings you one, could you ask him if he has any extras? :)

Merry X-Mas!

ECrunnergirl said...

Yup....good strong running legs topped my wish list this year...but oh that beautiful bike. Ok, I give...where did the rickety cricket name come from???

RunnerMom said...

Love the jacket. It would definitely lower your chances of getting run over. The hatphone looks cool. I hadn't seen that one before.