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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The need for speed.

(Sorry, not the drug.)

As I mentioned before, I’m currently following Coach Hal’s Post Marathon Recovery Plan. Last week sucked, because I was only supposed to run a few days. And, in case you’re new around here… I’m kinda, sorta addicted to running at least 5 days a week. (Yes, even after a marathon). It’s a sickness, really…

It’s obvious that I need this truncated running schedule though, because as soon as I start running and I hit any type of incline whatsoever, my legs become heavy and I’m all… oh yeah, I ran a marathon 10 days ago, I forgot.

So, the training plan is basically a bunch of pansy-ass mileage with 3 speed days a week:
Tuesdays= short/fast interval training
Thursdays = longer intervals
Saturdays = tempo runs

This is simultaneously good and bad. You see, it’s awesome because hopefully I’ll get into a good routine of keeping up with interval training, because I know I need it. It’s bad because… well… I hate speedwork.

My lack of speedwork is grossly evident though, because when I read this statement in a plan...

“Do your pace run at marathon pace”

...I scratch my head...Uhhh… can you really call it speedwork when your marathon pace is actually slower than your regular training pace? Like… my BEST marathon pace is 10:50. But, I NEVER run 10:50 miles any other time. I mean.. sure.. they mean for you to run at your estimated race pace time (what you WANT to finish at)…. But, still that time is going to be like wayyyy over my normal training pace.

Apparently… somewhere out there, there are people who have large-ish discrepancies between their different distances… Me? This is how I roll:

5K: 8:30
Less than 10: 9:00ish - 9:15ish
13.1: 9:30 ish.
26.2: 10:50

I’m thinking that it’s probably a problem that I’m only running 1 minute per mile differences between 5k and half marathons. I don’t know, am I wrong? Is that normal?

Anyway, I do know one thing… the best way to run faster is to do SPEEDWORK (ugh).

Today, I had to do 4x400s at 5k pace. And do you know what’s worse than running 5k pace during a race and feeling like you’re going to throw up??? Doing it for training purposes and not getting an ugly t-shirt to show for it. It sucked. But… I did it, and now I get to look forward to Thursday’s long intervals! yay! Ugh. Arg. Sucky suckerton.


earnshavian said...

Have you checked Greg McMillan's site? It gives you typical race paces based on your best result:

Vandy-Montana said...

yo diggity...So i'll take you up on your speed workout thingy you wanted to do, but I can't start until after Thanksgiving...

ECrunnergirl said...

Im an addict too...I feel your pain as I just finished a marathon a week ago too...and well...I can't stop running even though I should be in "recovery" riiiigghhhttt...

Your post made me LMAO! Speedwork sucks but boy does it work....seriously....and so does the race pace long runs....but oh how they SUCK!

Good luck and best wishes from the EC :=}

Anonymous said...

My comment has already been taken. Check out McMillan for pacing. Put in your best race time and it will give you your marathon pace. Try this with all your recent PRs (last 12-18 mos) to see which gives you the fastest marathon time/pace and then use that for training. If it comes out on the predictor b/c of one of your race results, it should be within your capability. Yes, you should have a gap of more than a minute. You can also put in your actual marathon PR and it will tell you how fast your other races should be. My marathon PR was last wknd at San Antonio and I printed out the predictor. In the last yr and a half, I've beat the times for the mile, 2m, 5k, 5m and 10k. But my times for 4m, 15k and half should be faster according to the chart, so I'm going to try to push myself at those distances.

Anonymous said...

Okay Amy, I just did the marathon predictor for you. With your chickamuga time, your 5k pr should be slower than what you can do. Your 5k suggests your marathon time could be 4:16:53 w/ proper training, which is a 9:49 pace. Use 9:49 as MP for training and see what McMillan says for your sprint and speed workout pacing.

Anonymous said...

Last comment, I promise. Actually, using your 15k is better both b/c it's a longer distance so a better predictor of your abilities, and b/c it gives you a faster marathon time. Your 15k puts you at a 4:09 marathon, 9:30 pace, so use that!

Amy said...

Wow, thanks anonymous! Although I have to say... a 4:16 and a 4:09 marathon FRIGHTENS me. But, I probably do need to move a little out of my comfort zone.

I had forgotten all about the mcmillian calculator!