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Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy Birthday, April!

Happy Birthday April!!!

So, a few weeks ago I received an e-mail from April's husband Greg asking me if I'd come down to surprise April for her birthday! I said yes, of course... and he planned it for friday night (even though her birthday is today. Boooo for Monday Birthdays).

We schemed and try to throw her off by making her think I was coming next weekend for her birthday. Boy was she surprised on Friday night when she came into an Indian Restaurant in Memphis and saw me there. It was actually kind of anti-climatic. The restaurant was fairly empty and SUPER quiet. So, it's not like I felt like I could just jump up yelling SURPRISE. Regardless... it worked well. Dinner was fun, we spent almost the entire time, cracking up about the "juicy balls covered in syrup and filled with creamy milk" that were listed on the menu. And then I spent the last 5 minutes throwing up in my mouth after tasting the "juicy balls covered in syrup and filled with creamy milk." Blech.

After dinner, we went back to her house to eat cake and put on our clubbing clothes (uhhh... make that our lazy ass bowling clothes) and went out... bowling. Woo hoo!

Sadly, most of the funny pics were taken on April's camera and she has the day off, so I have to use the ones taken on my camera... here's an action shot of the birthday girl though...

April bowled like a mofo. I swear... I think she's secretly on a league or something. The first game, she schooled us all...

Also, please note... my score there... 129! Woo hoo! That's like my best score ever! Oh wait... what's this???....

138!!! Check that out. (Still not as good as April's game 1 score, though). It's a good thing that Greg doesn't read this blog, or he'd likely be a little embarrassed that he got schooled by a couple of girls who use 10 pound balls. Although, to give him credit, he did win the last game... but that's only because April and I had had 2 pitchers of beer and were more concerned with what was playing on the juke box than the actual bowling.

Here is one choice pic, though... Instead of the typical drunken pirate pic (my signature drunk pic), I got a brilliant idea to have April pretend to be the parrot on my shoulder... I think it worked... what do you think?
I'm supposed to be saying "arg" and shaking my fist and standing on my peg leg... but, I was laughing so hard, the "arg" gets kind of lost. Pretty sure, people stayed away from our bowling lane after that pic..
Anyway, Happy Birthday, April! I love you, thanks for being a great friend and long distance running and blog partner! I hope you had an awesome surprise birthday celebration!


Kel said...

Happy Birthday!!

Joe said...

happy birthday april!!!