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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Back to Life as Usual

I'm back from my trip! I had the best of intentions to post yesterday, but as I'm sure many of you know, the first day back at work after vacation can be hectic. I had over 100 emails to read-Fun, Fun. A HUGE thanks to Amy for holding down the fort here at twentysixpointtwo. You see, I also had the best of intentions to post while I was away, but if you'll remember, technology hates me and I could never get my laptop to act right.
Anywho...the trip was wonderful and fantastic!!! I played the part of tourist extraordinaire and had a blast visiting museums, attractions, shops and just exploring the cities. I swear I walked at least 10 miles a day. I picked out a few pics to share and I'll also give you the highlights of the trip. In DC:
-Hanging out with good friends-Ryan, Jason, Glenn and new pal, Joe.
-Watching the Marine Corps Marathon
-Hanging out with good friends Kristy and Lindsey
-Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island
-Brooklyn Bridge
-Seeing Wicked on Broadway
-Running in Central Park
I just listed a lot of stuff and those were just my top favorites. And now for a few pictures. Enjoy:)
My hosts in DC, Glenn and Jason
My pal, Ryan, was my tourguide and fellow cheerleader for the runners
In BrooklynCentral Park at SunriseTimes Square!My NYC host, Kristy (and me) hanging outOn top of the world


Joe said...

as promised, i will ask, "did you run at all while during the trip?" :)

looks like you had an awesome time. it was fun hanging out, hopefully our paths will cross IRL again.

welcome home.

Kel said...

Welcome back...looks like you had fun - love the pics!