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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

And now onto the really important decisions...

... like what to wear on Saturday.

The weather forecast for Saturday is for a high of 64 and a Friday overnight low of 42. Which means... that around 7:30 EST (or is it EDT? I always get confused) who knows what the hell the temperature is going to be. I'm guessing... for the bulk of my run... it's going to be somewhere in the 50s. Which is all fine and dandy, except, I anticipate there to be a good deal of sunshine... which dramatically increases my body temp. Ugh.

So, I'm stuck with not having ANY idea what the hell to wear. Obviously... I'm wearing shorts. (which ones? I haven't decided), but what top to wear? should I wear a long bra top? Should I wear a cotton tshirt (y'all know how much I love my cotton tshirts). Arg! I can't decide!

... and then there's the decision of when to leave for the marathon.**

My original plan was to drive down Friday after work to Chattanooga, and hopefully stay with a friend of mine from High School... Great plan, right? Well... time went by and I didn't contact this friend... and now I'm thinking... maybe I'll just go down on Saturday morning. Which, yeah seems doable.... but then there's the whole time difference issue. The race is in the Eastern Time zone and I live in the Central Time zone... so... to get to the race 45 minutes or so before the race (gotta get my packet, drop packet off at car, check a bag, use the bathroom, put my chip on, put my number on, etc), would mean I would need to be in Chickamauga at 6:45... which is 5:45 my time. So... I'd have to leave my house at 3:45. Which means... getting up around 3:00 am. And to get 8 hours of sleep... I'd have to be asleep at 7pm on Friday night. Umm.... riiiiggghhtttt.

I guess that's doable, and now that I read over it again... it's not that bad of an idea... at least this way.... I will have been awake for a good while before the marathon.. will be able to eat a good carb-filled breakfast and not have to worry about my stomach getting too upset in the race.

**When did I become such a procrastinator with making plans?? I used to be like the travel plan nazi... Thanks Mom and Dad.... your spontaneous, fly by the seat of your pants mentality has finally gotten me. Ugh. Are you happy now?


Melanie said...

I can't decide what to wear either! I decided on shorts and just being cold early in the morning since I know I'll warm up, but I can't decide between short sleeves or long sleeves... ugh.

johnking said...

sleep on a parkbench but bring a large knobby stick to fend off the bums.