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Friday, October 10, 2008


It's Friday... and you know what that means...



I run in
Mizuno Wave Inspire 3 (oddly not terribly wavy or inspiring, but comfortable, so I’m happy.)

Why I run
To unwind and de-stress from things, to challenge myself, find my limits and push beyond them. And at least a little bit just in case anyone or anything ever decides to chase me…hopefully slowly.

I've been running...
Everyday since January, sporadically before that.

Currently training for...
I’m training for the Chicago Marathon this coming Sunday, after that, a yet to be determined marathon.

Favorite Running Song
Oddly, I run without music, so my soundtrack starts out as the neighborhood sounds and ends with my wheezing over a little voice saying “you should have stopped a couple of miles ago.”

Favorite race
So far, the Green Bay Marathon, it was my first and quite memorable

Favorite place to run
Parks and trails, snow and sometimes rain when the mood strikes me, but usually sun.

Short Term Running Goal
Run every day for a year (less than a hundred days to go), a sub-four hour marathon.

Long Term Running Goal
Almost too many to list: a marathon in all 50 states, an ultra, run the original marathon course in Greece, run a marathon on the great wall in China, qualify for and run the Boston marathon.

Favorite Cross-training activity
Does sleeping count? Bowling maybe? I don’t really cross train.

Post Run Guilty Pleasure Food Whatever seasonal microbrew I can get my hands on.

Running Gear Wish List
A garmin, I think, but I can’t quite decide if I’m ready for one to take over my running life.

Proudest Running Moment
Posting a PR in San Francisco with more hills and less training and still feeling fresh.

Favorite Race Fuel
During the last bit of a long run, nothing tastes better than an orange wedge.

Training Method of Choice
I read the advice of the experts, and then ignore it and instead do whatever I feel like whenever I feel like it. I call it the ATOMM Plan (Anything Training, or Mostly Madness.) Self-developed and self-inflicted, consult a medical and psychological expert before attempting.

What is at the top of list for places you’d love to visit?
The podium for some race. And the pacific northwest, I like me some mountains and wish I had some available to run in.

What is on your nightstand?
I’ll let you know as soon as I get one.

Thanks Adam! Good luck with the race this weekend! We'll all be looking for a race report next week!


April said...

Adam-I love your training method!

Kel said...

Good luck on the race this weekend!!

Adam said...

I'm glad you like that, maybe if I ever write a book on my training method I'll even have someone to read it.

Big said...

The training program sounds awesome. Bowling is definitely a cross training activity.

Joe said...

good luck this weekend. looks like we're going to have some excellent weather.

Eric Gervase said...

sweet... does anyone cross-train? I know I don't.