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Monday, October 13, 2008

Race Report: Oktoberfest Bier Run 5k

Friday afternoon, my friend Jeff and I were chatting over IM...

Jeff: so what are you doing tonight?
Amy: ehhh... not sure yet... maybe not much, since I have a race in the morning.
Jeff: race?
Amy: oktoberfest 5k
Jeff: 5k???
Amy: Yeah, it's fun... there's beer afterwards.
Jeff: a 5k?? dude, you shit on 5k.

Incidentally, I don't "shit" on 5ks. 5ks are a formidable race distance. One of these days maybe I'll actually run a sub 25:00 minute 5k (ha ha, yeah right).

The race started at 8am and by 8am it was already about 70-75 degrees. I mean, I was rocking a long bra top and shorts and didn't get goosebumps at all while waiting for the race to start. This, my friends, is not a good sign.

Vandy-Montana (most assuredly lured by the "free beer" perk of the race) signed up for this race as well, so we carpooled to both the packet pick up and the race. I had mentioned to him that I had never gone "balls to the wall," during a race. Usually, I'd start off at my regular pace and then around 1.5 miles, I'd pick it up and finish hard. Saturday, as we lined up with the 838 other runners, I contemplated going hard start to finish... I mean, it's 3 miles... what's the worst that can happen, right?

Well, I think the worst that can happen is that you feel like complete and utter death for 25+ minutes. I did learn a valuable lesson though... when going all out in a race... I DEFINITELY need to wear my headphones, because listening to my labored breath is annoying as shit.

Once I crossed the start line... my gameplan became: Run at a much faster pace than you normally do... and don't stop. I pretty much nailed the gameplan... but I'm not going to lie.. around mile 2 I slowed down a little... I was totally running out of gas at that point. But, around 2.5 I picked it back up a little and finished pretty strong. I did have that brief... "oh god, I'm going to puke all over this nice lady cutting off my chip" moment, but luckily, the feeling passed and there was no vomiting.

But, best of all bitches... I officially have a new 5k PR! 26:21. (which, for those of you keeping track... replaces my previous 5k PR from last year.. at the same race! apparently I run faster for beer). I placed 23 out of 105 in my age group.... so, I guess that's not too bad.

Sadly, no pictures... I did take my camera, but it stayed in the car the whole time... I was hoping that the race photographer would get a pic of me.... but, of course, she didn't. Ugh.

These are pretty funny photos though...

(courtesy of Nashville Striders photographer, Elly Foster)

Running this race definitely perked me up out of my running "funk" lately, though. And, I'm happy to report... I'm finally getting excited about the Chickamauga Marathon coming up. I just gotta get through my 20 miler planned for this weekend. (Hopefully I'll still be pumped by Saturday morning).


Rhonda said...

Congrats on the PR! How frickin' exciting! And in the heat...way to work it! It's good that you ran so fast, so you could be certain you'd have more time to drink more beer...I get it.

Joe said...

way to PR! beer is always a great motivator.

Kel said...

Congrats on the PR - that is awesome!! Good luck with the 20miler coming is obviously a pretty good motivator, perhaps if you set a six pack at the finish it would make it easier! :)

Big said...

great race and congrats on a new pr. the race seemed like an awesome one! next time, just puke on the volunteer, I mean, then she has an awesome story as well.

April said...

Woo Hoo!!! Go Amy!!! Way to school them biotches!!

April said...

And Big's comment is awesome.

RunnerMom said...

I drove past the Chickamagua exit on the way to Atlanta last weekend and felt a pang of sadness---I had considered doing it, but the hot Tennessee summer/fall prevented me from training (and I chickened out). Good luck to you! Great job on the 5K PR!