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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Hi, My Name is April

and I'm a David Archuleta fan.

That's right, I love David Archuleta-sweet, cute little 18 year old pop sensation-David Archuleta. According to Greg, this is something that I should not say aloud. Yesterday on the way home from work, I was listing the new songs I bought from itunes-one of those being "Crush" by Mr. Archuleta. He actually groaned when I said the name, which made me think that I should perhaps keep my love for the American Idol runner-up to myself. But then on this morning's run, the song came on and it made me energized me! It's a good song, goshdarnit. Ok, so it's a tad bit juvenile and I'm sure its the current favorite song of thousands of 15 year olds across America, but I. don't. care. No shame.

All of this leads me to a list of my current fave running tunes. It's been awhile since we've done a music post. My latest TOP 5:

1. Crush-David Archuleta
2. Need U Bad-Jazmine Sullivan
3. Disturbia-Rihanna
4. Used to Love U-John Legend (this one has been on the list for at least a year)
5. Your New Twin Sized Bed-Death Cab for Cutie

How about you guys? What are you listening to these days?


Kel said...

The crush song is catchy....and disturbia totally makes me happy!!!

Joe said...
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Joe said...

as we saw in my pace setter interview, i tend to go harder and darker musically than a lot of other people. i haven't actually heard any of the songs you mention. that's kind of funny i think. :)

Big said...

'crush' is a good song, but for some reason I just can't get into 'distrubia.' but i've really been enjoying 'american boy' by Estelle, fet Kanye West.

Rhonda said...

OMG! John Legend rocks my world! But I'm really getting into Duffy...have you heard "Mercy"? Awesomeness...

Meredith said...

I will NEVER admit I'm a David Archeleta fan, but I LOVE that song!