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Friday, September 26, 2008


Name: Joe

Blog: Back off man, I'm a scientist

I run in: Mizuno Wave Creation

Why you run: To be able to spend time outside, to have quiet time away from all distractions, and to release stress and frustration

How long you’ve been running: 5 years

Why'd you start running? I hated running for pretty much my entire life. I've been playing soccer since I was 5, and whenever I had to run during training, I despised it. I hurt my ankle pretty badly about 5 years ago, though, and I was laid up for about 6 weeks recovering. Once I was back on my feet, my ankle was so weak that it rolled at the slightest provocation, so I found that all the things I was doing at the time (basketball, soccer, squash, and ultimate frisbee being the main ones) were all out until I strengthened my ankle up. So I went out and tried to run. It sucked hard, and I didn't even make it a mile, but after a month, it started to suck less, and though I eventually strengthened up enough to do my other sports again, within a couple months, I was hooked.

Are you training for anything right now? Chicago Marathon (my first marathon)

Running Pet Peeve: When groups of people run side by side, blocking the entire path, and don't move out of the way when others approach (even if you're running towards them, they're too engrossed in their inane conversation to make room for you to pass)

Favorite Running Song: “So Cold” by Breaking Benjamin, “Duality” by Slipknot

Favorite race: Philadelphia Distance Run

Favorite place to run: Tidal Basin/National Mall/monuments area in DC

Short Term Running Goal: To finish my first marathon

Long Term Running Goal: To finish a marathon (no specific plans at this point beyond finishing a marathon. Once I cross that bridge, I'll see where my feet take me)

Favorite Cross-training activity:Biking

Favorite inspiring quote: When I first started running a few years ago, I found the website of some guy who got into running to try to lose weight. I was reading a story where he was recounting joining a training group to train for his first race. In one section, he was talking about having a really bad day, in pain and feeling like he couldn't finish the run he was doing. Another guy in the program, who had recently beat cancer, came back after finishing to meet him and run with him to the end. When he got back to the guy, he said to him, “Dying hurts more.” When I am having a bad day or a bad run, this reminds me that I run because I am able to, I choose to, and overall I have a pretty good life.

Running Gear Wish List: I already have an iPod, a watch, sneakers, and a CamelBak, which is everything I want or need.

Proudest Running Moment: Finishing my first half marathon.

What’s the best piece of running advice you’ve ever received? Run because you enjoy it. When it stops being fun, question why and see if you can fix it.

Favorite Race Fuel: Powerbar Gel

Magazines you currently have subscriptions to: currently no magazine subscriptions

What is at the top of list for places you’d love to visit? New Zealand

What is in your CD player right now?
6 CD changer in car currently contains:
1. “All Hope is Gone” - Slipknot
2. “We Are Not Alone” - Breaking Benjamin
3. “The Dresden Dolls” - The Dresden Dolls
4. “One X” - Three Days Grace
5. “Demon Days” - Gorillaz
6. “Our Lady Peace – Live” - Our Lady Peace

What is on your nightstand? “The Past Through Tomorrow” by Robert Heinlein, “The Dog is Not a Toy” (a Get Fuzzy comic collection), a jade plant, and four pennies.


Danielle in Iowa said...

I would like to point out that, music tastes to the contrary, Joe is not a psycho killer :-)

Big said...

Awesome quote, and running in the DC area must be great.

Kel said...

Very cool...
Good luck on your marathon!

Amy said...

Ughhh.. thats one of my biggest pet peeves, as well! Jeez... just the other day I got ran off the sidewalk by a bunch of army dudes. Punks.

And that is a great quote!

Joe said...

big: yeah, running in dc is pretty cool. i live two blocks from the pentagon, so a lot of my routes will actually take me through the pentagon campus, which it's ok to go in on foot or bike. that still amuses me.

kel, d: thanks for the support. :)

amy: i just call them jerks as i run by. i like taking the passive aggressive approach.

peter said...

Favorite running song--what's that mean? You mean Steppenwolf talkin' about gettin' out on the highway? And not wantin' to die?

You played soccer? No wonder you run now, since you couldn't play football (they pass over to that at RB or WR, not Linemen, which I assume you're not 320 pounds).

Ypu run the Tidal Basin? I never seen you at the monthly Tidal Basin 3K. Where ya been, Joe?

Enjoy your Chicago 26.2 Mile Fun Run. Tell the race administrators that I think they suck.

Eric Gervase said...

sweet quote... and I love the bit about running for the enjoyment. Every once in a while I forget that one.

Joe said...

peter: i just joined the dc road runners this past year, right before i started dc fit to train for chicago. once the marathon insanity is over, i hope to start to take part in more of the road runners' runs...