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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Weekly Pace Setter: AMY

It's Friday and that means it's time for our second Weekly Pace Setter! Since I went last week, its time for us to get to know Amy a little better!

Is she really this mysterious? Let's find out...

The Basics:
Name: Amy

Blog: 26point2ers

I run in: ASICS Gel Nimbus (once you go ASICS Gel, you never go back)

The Good Stuff:
Why do you run: So I can eat more, to stay healthy-ish, and to give my inner control freak a little room to do its thing freely.

How long you’ve been running: Since Dec 2005

Are you training for anything right now?
Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon 2008
Running Pet Peeve:
I could write a book here because I get irked pretty easily… but nothing bothers me more than the couple of people that I see everyday running that won’t give me a smile, hand wave, or nod back. I mean… everyone else does… it’s just these 2 dudes who don’t… ugh.

Favorite Running Song:
A Shot in the Arm: Wilco
The Pretender: Foo Fighters
We Belong Together: Mariah Carey

Favorite race:
Germantown Oktoberfest 5k. (Free (good) beer at the finish!).

Favorite place to run:
I like to run in new places when I travel. One of my favorite parts of traveling, now, in fact!
Short Term Running Goal:
To set a marathon PR and to run an “official” sub 2:10 Half this fall!

Long Term Running Goal:
To qualify for the Boston marathon
To run an ultra
To run a marathon in another country

Favorite Cross-training activity:
What’s this “cross-training” you speak of?

Favorite inspiring quote:
From an asics ad: “There will be days when I don’t know if I can do a marathon… there will be a lifetime knowing that I have.”

Post Run Guilty Pleasure Food:
Cheeseburger, onion rings and milkshake.

Running Gear Wish List:

Proudest Running Moment:
Finishing my first marathon.

What’s the best piece of running advice you’ve ever received?
Ehhh.. I’m not so good at taking people’s advice. It’s a problem. I’m working on it.

Favorite Race Fuel:
Gatorade and Water

Wildcard Questions:
Magazines you currently have subscriptions to:
Runner’s World, Lucky, Shape, Southern Living, Traditional Home

What is at the top of list for places you’d love to visit?
Mt. Kilimanjaro
What is in your CD player right now?
The National’s “Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers”

What is on your nightstand?
Alarm Clock
Merriam Webster’s Vocabulary Builder
John Updike’s Rabbit at Rest
William Butler Yeats: Selected Poetry
(I need a good book to read, any recs?)
Glass of water
Hair clip
Various pairs of earrings

Alright, Amy! You rock! Be sure to check out next week's Weekly Pace Setter (where we will actually feature a blogger outside of the contributor's list of this blog!)

Enjoy your long weekends!


Kel said...

Oooh - you are so COOL! :) I think the sub 2:10 goal on the half is awesome...that would definitely call for some parting like a rockstar afterwards!

Have a great weekend!

Big said...

running an ultra would be awesome, I hope you do. reading rec: anything by Flannery O'Connor or poems by Billy Collins.

Happy weekend!