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Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Sometimes you just forget. Sometimes you think… “you just always have these little tweaks and twinges of pain.”

And then you buy a new pair of shoes (because you have a coupon that is expiring and you didn’t realize you’d already put over 400 miles on your latest pair, 400 miles goes by so fast!) and you run a glorious 7 mile run in which you feel like you could run for days… and you realize… Running doesn’t always have to hurt… no, sometimes running can feel like gliding through the air… your feet gingerly striking on marshmallow clouds instead of concrete pavement.

Seriously… I don’t know if it was the three off days in a row (ugh, thank you Fay) or the awesome new pair of shoes I bought this weekend, but my legs haven’t felt this good in forever.

And as a side note… I got the latest model of Nimbus… the X and they are really nice. I was never really excited about the IXs I thought that the VIIIs were actually more cushioned, but the X’s… they are great. Really, really great. Like if you need a cushioned shoe and have normal to high arches go out right this second and plop down 120 bucks on these shoes. I promise you won't be sorry.

These shoes are perfect... except they’re pink and purple. Arg. Don’t get me wrong.. I love me some pink… but I don’t want to pink on my running shoes. But, whatever, I don’t care… these shoes are so comfortable I wouldn’t care what color they were.

Btw, this is not an advertisement for ASICS, but ASICS if you’re listening… I’m a size 8.


Kel said...

Oh those are cute.. Personally I am a sucker for some pink shoes...I might just have to try these out!

Big said...

cute and comfortable, a perfect tandem. I have the ‘y’ chromosome version and I love them the way rock stars love to break stuff in a hotel room.