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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

What's a girl to do?

The first words out of my mouth this morning:

Oh shit!

Oh, yes... I overslept 30 minutes this morning. And the way I saw it, lying in bed, trying to decide what to do… I had 4 choices, I could be any of the following:

Choice 1: Sloth Girl. Roll over and go back to sleep for 45 minutes and use it as an off day.

Choice 2: Pansy-Ass Girl. Get up and run 3-4 miles instead of the planned 6.

Choice 3: Hardcore Girl. I’ve wasted 30 minutes, so I need to get that time back. Instead of making that time up by shorting my planned run, I could forgo straightening and smoothing my hair before work, and just wear it curly and ugly. I could run 5-6 miles if I did this.

Choice 4: Hardcore, Vain, Bad Employee Girl. Run 6 miles, straighten hair and get to work 30 minutes late.

Immediately… Sloth girl is out. If I’m going to have an off day… I want it to be a planned off day with uninterrupted sleeping in.

I cross off Pansy-Ass Girl, too… I mean, its day 2 of my training, I can’t slack off on freaking day 2!

So, it’s between the last two… instead of lying in bed and trying to decide, I got up and started running and thought about it for 5.2 miles. In the end… I did the right thing (shocking, right?). I opted for Hardcore Girl. So, yes, I may look like shit all day at work today (hopefully no one important (or hot) comes in), but at least I got 5 miles in despite oversleeping.


Kel said...

You go girl!
Just remember...if someone hot comes in, just look at them and say "I ran 6 miles today, what's your excuse?" They be so taken by your confidence they can't help but fall for you! :)

April said...

I aspire to be like you.

Rhonda said...

I agree with April, I slept in today and had the same thought process as you, but instead of thinking about what to do while I was running I thought about it while I was still laying in bed...oops.

Dana said...

Way to go,Hardcore girl! And if anyone gave you any lip at work about your appearance,you can tell them what you did & ask them what did THEY accomplish before coming to work!