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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Shoe Dilemma

It's time for some new shoes. There are several ways to tell that you need new running shoes:

1. You've hit 500 miles
2. You can see that the tread is worn down on the soles
3. You are consistently feeling a little beat up after your runs (achy knees, ankles, etc...)
And my favorite...
4. You are tired of the pair you currently have and are a sucker for all the cool new shoes that keep coming out.

In my case, the mileage thing doesn't work right now because I ran for a couple of months without logging my runs. And the tread isn't worn down at all...and my knees ache after many of my runs (even in brand new shoes) as a result of, I believe, running sprints on a concrete track in high school and playing soccer for 9 years. I may be close to the max mileage, but since I can't be sure, I guess I'll just have to confess that my reason for needing (ok, wanting) new kicks is #4 on the list.

You know what? I'm even going to add a #5 here because I just thought of another great reason to buy new shoes...

5. You are beginning a new marathon training plan and need some additional excitement to get you pumped up and ready to go!!!

So I've really had my eye on these Pearl Izumi syncroFLOAT 2s:
My brother, Logan, has some Izumis and loves them. I've also done a little research online and that seems to be the general consensus-people love them. And I think they look cool...different from other running shoes. So what's the problem, you ask? Just buy them already, you say.
I use a Cashback Bonus Discover Card, which earns me money each time I use the card. I can either take the cash or use it at one of their sponsored stores or vendors. Most all of the stores will let you redeem the cash for more than it actually is. For example, $10 cash = $15 giftcard. The last couple of times I bought running shoes, I used the cashback bonus at FootLocker since they are a sponsored store. It was awesome...cause we all know running shoes ain't cheap.

Only my Pearl Izumis aren't sold at FootLocker. To add to the matter, I checked out slickdeals this morning and found a coupon code for an additional 25% off. And I did find a couple of pair that caught my eye at Foot Locker:I've worn Mizunos and had a blue toenail problem, but that was before I went to Fleet Feet and learned that I should be running in a whole size and a half larger than I had been! And I've never worn Nikes, but Amy loves hers so I'm up to trying those out as well. So basically, I could either wait on the Pearl Izumis and get a sweet deal on some Nikes or Mizunos or just suck it up and spend the cash on the Izumis.

Anybody got some input on any of these three?


Amy said...

I did love my nikes. But... the ones I was running in, didn't have enough cushioning for long runs and marathon training, so I switched to Asics. But I dont know anything about that particular nike.

Kel said...

I'm just getting into doing long runs and searching for a new shoe (the hunt is on) I totally like the nike...the colors are exciting and I like exciting shoes! ha

The heat is getting up there (translate not looking forward to july) but I'm a sucker for a good challenge so...actually joining MRTC is what started this whole running thing a year ago and thru them is how I met Mark with Memphis in Motion. I'm still a member of MRTC but I do 2 night with MIM and really enjoy it (I thought I could use some training/support to get me thru the first 26.2 miler and he's a great motivator)

Jill said...

Oh, the Nikes are probably crap. They are having a bad shoe year. Mizuno's are always great...and if FF put you in them, then you probably have a narrow foot. Which case...Nike will fit bad. And Pearl...well..they're just different. Sometimes they're ok but they have had some issues. If I were you, I'd stick with what you know. Running a marathon is hard enough.

Dana said...

Just got new running kicks myself so here's my 2cents..Went from Nike Air Vomero to Mizuno Wave Inspire 4. Have to say that Nike has Mizuno beat in the cushion dept. Love the feeling of running on pillows. Howeva they are not so good for over-pro-nators(like myself). I'm lovin' my Mizunos & if you need something w/ light stability I recommend those.

But please,if you can,try them on,run around the store(my running store has a treadmill that I used to test out my Mizunos) BEFORE you buy any of them.