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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Good Intentions...

This weekend, I traveled down to Memphis to spend the weekend with April.

All week long, our e-mails were excitedly planning the weekend.

There were going to be long runs! Hiking! Hair Coloring and Cutting! Oh my!

But, in true April & Amy fashion... we kind of half assed everything. But... we weren't to blame. No, you see... there was another culprit... it wasn't for lack of motivation or willpower or stamina. Nope. We got all those things... it was this:


That's right. It was all the alcohol's fault. First, it was beer's fault on Friday night. You see... April bought me a really awesome shot glass on her Boston trip... and I found it absolutely hilarious to drink my beer from the shot glass. So hilarious that I constantly poured the beer into the shot glass. Drank. And repeated.... about a zillion times. We crashed kind of late that night... planning on getting up in the morning and running...

This is how we felt in the morning, pre-run:

But... we persevered! Yes, despite the hangover, despite the lack of sleep... we headed out to Shelby Farms. To prove to you that we are in fact the perfect running partners... as soon as April said to me... "let's go back" around mile 4 or so, I said without hesitation... "okay." Nobody ever has to twist my arm into to bailing early. April reminded me of one of my all-time favorite lines that I used during our first marathon training last year...

We'd bail early on a long run and at the end of it, I'd say... "Well, I know we only ran 7 miles and we were supposed to run 12... but... I totally could have ran the extra 5, so, as long as I know I could have ran it.... then, it's cool." (Yes for the record, I have used this logic about 6-7 times during training and yes, I realize it is completely ridiculous, but it always sounds good to me at the time).

After the run, we walked around the parking lot a little bit... and one guy actually said to us:

"I would say that you girls look hot." That ellicited a heavy rolling of the eyes from both of us. How unoriginal can you get?

And besides the fact...

We're hot even when we're not sweaty and gross after a 6 mile run in 1200 degree weather. Thank you very much.

We had planned on hiking Saturday afternoon. But opted for ice cream, margaritas, and bocce ball instead. I mean, come on folks... that was an easy decision.

We ran a little on Sunday morning, too. But, again... there was a nagging hangover and tiredness. But, regardless of falling through on some of our plans... we did have a kick ass time hanging out together (as always) and maybe next time we'll get around to that hike. Or we'll just drink more.


Rhonda said...

I think you guys made all the right decisions, I see no fault in your logic!

Dana said...

I vote for drinking more!..;-)

Joe said...

If anyone wants to get hammered the night before Marine Corps, let me know, I can make a few recommendations of locations in DC. :)

April said...

That last picture really cracks me up.