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Monday, June 23, 2008

False Start

Well it seems that I jumped the gun on training. Originally I had today (6/23) marked on my calendar to begin, but at some point, I decided to recount the weeks til the marathon and (incorrectly) determined that I was off and should start training on 6/9 instead. The only reason I found out was because when I asked another runner how her training was going, she replied that she was doing the 18 week Hal Higdon Training Program and would not be starting until today. Um...wait a second. I'm doing the 18 week Hal Higdon Training Program and I started a week and a half ago!
Oops. Counting backwards is difficult, I tell ya.

So anyway, I guess I've just been building up my base mileage in preparation to really begin today. And actually, it kind of worked out since I've been dealing with shin splints on my right leg. I took a few days off from running and while they still gave me pain over the weekend, I figure it would have been a lot worse had I not taken those 3 rest days.

Today, I will start my training with an easy 3 mile run. For real this time.


Joe said...
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Joe said...

sorry to hear about the shin splints, but i guess it's good you got to rest before training started for real.

Dana said...

Smart idea to take those few days rest to deal w/ the splints. Trust me, your body will thank you in the long run.