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Monday, May 19, 2008

Summer of Amy... Part 1: Arms

It’s like the fitness Gods all aligned yesterday to tell me something very important…

I am a weak, puny, out of shape girl.

First of all… upon waking up, I notice that my right arm is seriously jacked up. I recall the night before and realize… ahhh… 8 games of bowling with a 12 pound ball might be the cause of that. Still… who is sore after bowling for chrissakes? Yup. Me.

Then… as I’m trying on bathing suits all day… I’m thinking about the need for a moo-moo bathing suit to be invented. That is not a good sign.

Lastly… as I’m settled into the couch eating a plate of melted cheese covered baked ruffles watching the Academy of Country Music awards… I see this skinny beotch.

Uggh. Uggh. (Photos courtesy of and Getty Images)

The first thought that runs through my mind is… Has she been eating lately? And then I start thinking… hmmm… she’s really skinny…(as I continue to shove nachos into my mouth) but, she actually looks good really skinny. I wish I was really skinny and looked like that. Within about 90 seconds I get up and do about 20 minutes of various upper body reps.

During my run this morning… I start thinking about Skinny Carrie and how I should start by just focusing on one part of my body at a time. I am starting Cross-fit. Yes, I am going to call next week and that should help. But, to further motivate me… I’ve decided to let my guard down and show you just how awesomely flabby and out of shape certain parts of my body are. Hooray for brutal honesty via the world wide web!

So, first up… it’s summer and I like to wear me some cute halter tops, spaghetti straps, and tank tops… I mean.. doesn’t this just scream summer cute-ness??

I love the shirt and jewelry all-in-one combo! And pink is a kick ass color on me, I must say.

And I wear these things…. I do, but I probably shouldn’t. Because I have flabby, unattractive arms.

So… Part One of the Summer of Amy:

Arms. Notice... lots of extra flab in the tricep area. Ewww. Also notice... no bicep definition.

So... there you have it. My gross, flabby arms. Remember this gross-ness.. because it's going away. I will post progress pics as we go along... (Please, for the love of god let there be some progress).

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Dana said...

Your arms don't look bad at all! But I know you're going to kick but getting them into shape.