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Friday, May 16, 2008

Future Plans, New Kicks, and Weather...

So... I've got like 6-8 weeks or so till I have to start marathon training again. Which is nice in one way... but in another way... it kind of creates a void, ya know?More importantly than actually dealing with that void is trying to make sure that I dont get used to that void over time. It's nice to sleep an extra hour or so in the mornings... I'd forgotten how nice...

Remember last year when my off-time was going to consist of triathalon training? And I ended up swimming like 4 times the whole summer? Ha ha... yeah, let's just say I'm really good at planning things and then not following through... so, this year... I'm going to try to be a little more realistic. The plan for this off-time is to continue running... anywhere from 25-30 miles a week. I'd like to get a couple of 6 milers in during the weeks... and then a long run on the weekends of 8-10. I'm also hoping to lose about 5 pounds during this period, instead of gaining 10. And... I'm going to try and see if I can sign up for some cross-fit classes. There is a gym close to me that offers 8-sessions for $128. So, I'm going to give that whirl. My body could use some major ass-kicking and toning up and I'm hoping that can give me a good start.

I've needed new shoes for awhile... So, when I got an REI catalog right before my trip that advertised my normally $120 running shoes for $84.95. I was all over that. Then, I had a great idea on the airplane... I should buy them in Oregon and save me an additional 7 bucks in sales tax. So, thats what I did.... and they are soooo much cuter than the green ones I've had lately... Look! My first blue pair! I think the Nimbus 10s should be coming out soon. I'm anxious to see what colors they'll be!

Wednesday and Thursday mornings I woke up to the sound of rain. Which, honestly, was probably a good thing. I think my knee needed the rest. Yesterday I went home early from work with nausea and puking issues... but I was feeling better by late last night, so I decided to wake up early this morning and see if I could get in a few miles. And I did. Just 3 miles, but I think my knee is completely better... my left calf on the otherhand, is still a little tweaky... but I know that will pass, too.

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Dana said...

Totally love the new kicks. I'll be replacing my soon as well but I won't be going to Oregon to buy them to save on sales tax..;-) Glad to hear the knee & tummy is doing ok(even if the calf is acting up).