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Friday, May 2, 2008


I just talked to Amy and she is currently sitting in the Chicago airport, waiting on her flight to Portland. I'm just so excited for her. She's trained harder than ever before and I just know she's on her way to setting a PR!
Goooooo AMY!
I'll be sure to post her time on Monday since she won't be near a computer.

And as for need to scold yet. I've been running everyday. Not a lot, mind you, but I've gotta work my way back up. I'm also going to put my running log online. Maybe that will help me to stick with it. Because how dumb is it to build my mileage up only to slack off and lose all that hard work?? Pretty dumb. But I now have a marathon on the calendar and I am registering today.

I'll be in Boston this weekend for work and I'm excited about running in a new city. Anyone have suggestions for great running routes?


Melissa said...

Hey April! I went to BU, so I definitely know Boston. My favorite place to run is the Esplanade. It will beautiful at this time of year. Get on the Green Line B train and exit at BU East. Go to Marsh Chappel(right on Commonwealth Ave., can't miss it) and go under the arches and down the steps. You'll see a street/faculty parking lot. Head across the lot, and take the stairs up and over the bridge. You will come out on the Esplanade. Head right, and you can keep going for quite a while. you;ll be right on the water, and may see a swan or two crossing the road :)

Dana said...

I know Amy had a great race & good job April on running everyday this past week. Sometimes having race on the horizon keeps you focused on getting those miles if nothing else does.

RunnerMom said...

Hi, April. I just discovered your blog. I look forward to hearing about Amy's race and reading about some of your past races.

I just ran my first half-marathon last Saturday in Nashville. I'm slumming in Clarksville.

I want to transition from a half-marathoner to a full marathoner in the next year or so, so I'll be checking in and reading about your training. 30 mpw as a base? Wow, my highest week was 25 miles for the half. Training for a full is a different world....

RunnerMom said...

Oh, and is it your mom or April's mom who is faster than me??


John P. McCann said...


I just got home from running Eugene.

Hope Amy rawked!