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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Back from Boston

Hello there! I'm back from a cold and rainy weekend in Boston. Well, actually it rained a bunch on Saturday and Sunday, but it was beautiful and sunny on the day I had to work and fly home. Oh well...such is life. We still had a really nice time. From the little that we were able to see, Boston is a really neat city. We saw a little of downtown and had the chance to meet up with some good friends, which was the highlight of the trip.

Where everybody knows your name...

Melissa was kind enough to give me directions to a good running route, but the rain kept me from that. No, not the beer and mass quantities of delicious, fresh seafood...It was the rain! The rain, I swear! Anyway, I'll just have to save them for next time. On the plus side, the hotel did have a really nice gym. I did some time on both the elliptical machine and the treadmill and then finished up my workout with some strength training with arm weights. I did a little ab work also, but that was cut short when a Euro dude in a tiny Speedo decided to pump some iron right in front of my face. A little too close for comfort if you know what I mean. And of course, Tiny Speedo Dude happened to be extremely hairy and have a nice sized gut on him. I'm sure you've got the right image in your mind. He was pretty much the stereotypical Euro guy in a tiny Speedo.

On the other side of the country, Amy completed her 3rd marathon!! So congratulations to her for finishing the Eugene Marathon! I tried to find her time on the race website, but for some reason or another, I couldn't. So since I don't have a time to report, we'll just all have to wait in agony until she gets back to Nashville and blogs. Until then, it's just you and me, folks. Talk to you tomorrow!

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Dana said...

SO glad to hear Amy finished her marathon! I saw my own hair guy my gym's pool tonight. Can we say EWWW!!