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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Race Report: Running to Beat the Blues 5K

I just love the 5k. I didn't always feel that way, though. I used to think...

it's such a short race...

it's just a waste of my time...

5ks are for pansies and I'm no pansy...I'm a marathon runner!

Well that's just silly. 5ks are awesome. Here's why:

1. Anyone can do a 5k! I love seeing the mix of different kinds of runners and walkers. Everyone is on a different level. (see, I'm not a running snob!)

2. 5ks are fast and invigorating. You can push yourself. Get that heart pumping, that blood racing through your veins and fill those lungs with fresh air! Love it love it love it.

3. 5ks usually support local organizations and charities. Gotta love that.

4. I can usually place in the top third in my age group. Ok, this one's personal, but I'm sort of competitive...give me a's just a little healthy competition...

5. There is pretty much one every single weekend.

6. Even if you slack or haven't really been running regularly like you should (not that I ever do that...I'm just sayin...) you can still get out there and do a 5k. Plus, it pumps you up and gets you back in that running spirit!

I could probably keep this list going and going, but I have a race to report so I'll stop there. But you get the picture, 5ks are fun! Even if you do everything wrong (see Amy's last post) you can still do pretty well. Oh, you want to know how well? I didn't want to brag or anything, but since you asked...
Amy placed 6 out of 32 in our age group and I placed 10th! Yay us! Have you noticed how we will brag about anything? I'd probably brag if I were 31 out of 32, like yay!! I wasn't last! (not that there's anything wrong with last...ahem...)

Here are random things about this race:

1. It was COLD. You know how Amy said that we ran back to the car to sit for 2 minutes before the race? Well that's cause it was COLD. Wow, now that I type it, I realize that that's pretty weak. We couldn't wait it out for 2 minutes? jeez.

2. The race was in Centennial Park and there were tons of blossoming trees. I love blossoming trees. They are my favorite. It's like a beautiful sign of warm and sunny spring days ahead.

3. They had about 12 ambulances parked all around the course. It was really odd. I understand the need for medical caregivers at races, but 12 ambulances at a 5k??

4. The old man who was running ahead of me the whole time had some serious body odor and was wheezing the whole time. Maybe the ambulances were for him (kidding! I'm totally going to get struck by lightening when I leave work today).

5. They gave out amazing swag (that's Hollywood slang for Sealed with a Gift). Check me out with all my freebies:

I got some goodies that Amy did not and she was totally jealous and sad. Someday I might let her borrow my water bottle and pen. If she's lucky and bakes me lots of delicious goodies.

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Dana said...

I heart 5ks. It's just enough to get you going but you are not wiped out at the end & it doesn't take up your whole day. And 2mins is a LONG time to wait when you're not running. Cool stuff,now I'm jealous too(although I can't bake worth a damn).