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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Race Report: Running to Beat the Blues 5k.

You know, we talk a lot about marathon and half marathon training. I think it’s important that we take a moment and talk about the race that is the 5k.

5 kilometers is 3.1 miles. (this just goes to show you how much cooler the metric system is… I mean.. doesn’t 5k sound WAYYY better than 3.1 miles?).
Here we are amped up for our race!

The 5k is nothing to laugh at. It is a serious distance, with serious runners

And ducks, too apparently. Not sure what that’s about….

I’ve compiled some useful tips from the Running to Beat the Blues 5k that April and I ran on Saturday. I've used the format of a do's and don't type of list (rest assured that the don'ts aren't necessarily compiled of things that April and I actually did) (yes they are).

DONT Stay up till midnight Do Get your rest the night before a big race.

DONT Eat homemade chocolate lava cakes the night before Do Eat a healthy meal the night before.

DONT Get to the race 20 minutes before it starts, wander around aimlessly trying to figure out where to find your number, then sit in your car until 2 minutes before the start of the race Do Get to the race with plenty of time to find your number, get your bib and chip affixed and mix and mingle with the other friendly racers.

DONT Bitch and moan about the ugly graphics on the t-shirts Do Remember that this race is about the local charity that it benefits and helping out your community, while enjoying your favorite sport with hundreds of fellow runners.

DONT Scope out and stalk down every bitch that appears to be in your age division until you pass them Do Enjoy the scenery and the run. On second thought. Screw this one. It's a race, right? School those bitches.

DONT Take some additional free shit from a display and go to breakfast Do After the race, again mingle with your fellow runners, stand on the sidelines and cheer the rest of the runners on as they finish. Wait around for the awards ceremony to congratulate the winners.

Overall this race was fun. I kicked it up the last mile or so and finished 26:59... not good enough to win (of course), but good enough to put me 6th out of 32. Not too shabby. And it was definitely fun to get to run a race with April.. even though she got better shit than I did.... hmph. I'll let her tell you about that...


April said...

That is hilarious. You are totally going to cost us our 3 readers since they now think we are terrible people.

And don't you remember? The duck is the mental health mascot! Oh wait, you might not know that since you didnt get as much awesome, free stuff with his face on it.

Dana said...

LOVE you list of do's & don'ts. Wonder how many I will break before my 10k this Sat. But it sounds like you had a great time.

And don't worry April,there's NO WAY I'll stop reading ya'll.