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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Just call me The Comeback Queen

Are you sitting down? Are you ready for some shocking news? Ok, here it is...

Yesterday, I brushed the dust off my trusty 'ol Sauconys and RAN. Yep, I ran 4.01 miles. And it felt good. The weather was just about perfect and all that time off didn't really have an effect on me. Sometimes the first run after a break is rough, you know? And guess what else? I even did a pilates ab workout. Icing on the cake.

It feels good to be back and I've got to, got to, got to stay focused on consistently running cause I've got a marathon on the calendar. Technically, my training doesn't start until June, but my base mileage has to be good. I'm keeping the marathon a secret for now, but I promise to let you in on it soon.

Soooo here are my goals:
1. Average 30 mpw before training begins
2. Strength training 4 times a week
3. Pilates 2 times a week

I give you permission to scold me if I start slipping.


Amy said...

Wow, I about choked on my water, I tell ya.

Welcome back, dude. And those are good goals... wow, ST 4 times a week?

April said...

Look at you...a regular jokester.

yep...i have high ambitions.

Dana said...

Good job getting back out there & I'll hold you to that scolding when you start to slack!