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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Getting my taper on...

It's the one week of marathon training that I absolutely hate... the last week before the marathon. I hate tapering. Like, really, really hate it. I know it's important and I know it's going to help, but I can't help but feel like a fat, lazy SOB when I'm tapering.

Anyway... this taper is even more important that my previous tapers, because I've had some major dead legs for the past month or so. So, this morning... when coach suggested a brief track workout of 4x400s... I opted out and did an easy 3 mile run (I did run to the track and then back, so it's kind of a track workout, right?). I don't want to take any chances with fatigued legs. This morning's run was your typical week of a marathon run. There were the random aches and pains that you've never had before... today it was my left calf. What? But, at this point, I know they are random and nothing to be worried about. Tomorrow I'm supposed to run 2 miles and then take thursday and friday off and then a 2 mile run on saturday.

Not helping the dead legs problem is the fact that I was kind of a bad girl last week... I had good intentions... I wanted to try and lose a couple of pounds before the marathon, which is good, right? Good, except that I probably ran a little more than I should have. Oh well.

So, my goal is 4:20, right? Which is great, I think I'm definitely on par to hit that goal. But, I'd like to run with a pace team and the pace teams are 4:15 and 4:30... so, I guess I'll just run with 4:15 and hope to be able to keep up till the very end or so?

Ok, back to drinking gallons of water and taking airborne...

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