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Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Grizzlies Wrecked My Diet

So over the weekend, Amy and I challenged each other to eat healthy all week long as we were commenting that we've been eating way too much junk. And I've done alright this week...I've cooked a couple of healthy meals and eaten lots of fruit and veggies. Ok, well I did smother one of the healthy meals with cheese. But Hey! I figure...women need lots of calcium...runners need lots of calcium. I'm a woman runner so I need tons of calcium, therefore it's perfectly ok that I eat half a bag of shredded cheddar. Alright, so maybe it doesn't work like that, but whatever, it happened. It's in the past. Binging on chocolate Easter candy and brownies this week is also in the past.

But as I see it, everyday is a clean slate. Today, I was doing just great. I had some oatmeal for breakfast, a pear snack, a salad lunch and then the Grizzlies came for a visit. Yep, they came to my office to bring me cupcakes. Ok, they didn't come to bring ME cupcakes, really...but they did bring enough for the whole office. My boss is a VIP season ticket holder so as a thank you for your support kind of thing, Hakim Warrick and Jason Collins delivered delicious blue and yellow cupcakes. So I blame them. They had to tempt me with the sugary sweet goodness, didn't they? That's ok though...I got autographed pictures so I'm good. It's in the past.

Hakim Warrick & Jason Collins

Delicious Cupcake
that Wrecked
my Diet


Amy said...

First off... that's a pretty funny photo with Yao Ming... looks like he's taking it. Ha. ok, gross.

Anyway.. is that the REAL cupcake? or just a stock photo you stole from somewhere?

Dana said...

Evil,evil cupcakes! I try to be good all week so I can splurge on Saturday(my cheat day but not really since I'm good calorie-wise all week so it balances out).