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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

On today, there was an article listing the 10 best websites you've never heard of. One of these websites was On this site, you can enter a city or a country and find running routes that other runners have posted with a map, description and rating system. It's a beta site and I only found 4 in Memphis, but if we spread the word, others can enter their favorite local routes and the library will grow. This is particularly nice when you travel and don't have any idea of where to run! I know that has this feature also, but why not use both?

I'm thinking of getting Greg to meet me after work one day next week to run somewhere new...gotta love this extra daylight...and these beautiful sunshiney days we've been having in Memphis!!

Tomorrow night, Greg is meeting some friends from work for a poker night so I've decided to make an Asian noodle salad for my dinner (cause I know he'd never eat it...too many vegetables)! So be on the lookout for the recipe review on Friday!

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Dana said...

I use MapMyRun but I will have to check that site out. Can't wait for the recipe review.