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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Blech, Arg, Ugh...

Jeez Louise Thelma is it busy around here! (I guess I do get paid for working and not blogging, huh?). Such is the life of an accountant during tax season. It's crunch time and I'm feeling it. Good thing I like to get up early and get my runs over with. Otherwise, I'd be too pooped after work to even think about trying to run.

But, that leads me to a new rant... (You knew one was coming, right? It's like all I do is bitch and moan anymore, huh? Yeah, well.. bitching and moaning makes for better blogging, no?). So, I just want to say from now on, when I cast my votes for congressmen/women, there will be one thing that I will use to weed them all out from now on... Whether or not they are morning runners. You know why? Because I freaking hate waking up at 5am and running outside when it's dark as shit and feels like it should be like 4am (ohhhhhhhhh that's right... it feels that way because it IS supposed to be 4am). Dammit. What a pain in the ass. Sure, I love sunshine as much as the next guy, but... did it have to come so early in the year? I'm sure I'll get used to it eventually. But, man, it's sooooo much harder to crawl out of bed when its still pitch black outside.

Also... more bitching and moaning... dude... I am soooooo sore from my strength training workout on Monday... which just means... dude, my upper body is soooo out of shape. Not doing any strength training for 6 weeks, really has it's effects on your body. Sucky effects.


Dana said...

B!tching & moaning is the best part of blogging!..;-) And I'm so glad that I'm an evening runner(esp. this time of year).

April said...

Well you could be an afternoon runner for half the year and be a morning runner for the other half:)