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Monday, February 4, 2008

Does whistling ever work?

Dear Construction Workers on 18th Avenue:

Hey. So, yeah, I'm the girl that runs by you every morning (sometimes twice a morning). I'm a nice person, so I generally smile as I run by you. Sometimes you're putting on some kind of weird harness thing while standing in the sidewalk, other times you are rummaging around in the trunk of your cars. (I mean, why do you get there so early if there isn't actually work for you to do at that time?) So far, we've been cool. No problems. Until this morning.

So, construction on these new condos started about 3 months ago and y'all (y'all are the framers, right?) have been around for about a month or so, I'd say. So, everytime you've seen me run by previous to this morning, you've seen very little of me. That is to say, you've seen me covered up in multiple layers with only my head peeking out into the elements.

This morning, it was 57 degrees. I wore shorts and a tshirt and as I made my way back down 18th to go home, I ran by one of you and you whistled. Like, you whistled at me as I passed by you and you were literally less than one foot away from me. WTF??? Who whistles at someone that close? I mean, jeez. I know... it's in your DNA or work description or something... you can can't speak english, but you can whistle. I almost gave you the finger. But, there are many of you, and only one of me and since I have to run by you every morning until you finish the damn framing, I held it in and pretended like I didn't hear. (Although, come on, how could I not hear? You were within arm's length of me!).

Dude, that's just not cool, okay? I mean, has ANYONE ever gotten a good response from someone that they've whistled at? Is there like some love story that I've never heard of where two people fall in love after the construction worker whistled at the woman? Pretty sure there's not. What did you think I'd do?... turn around and lift up my shirt or something? What is it that you are looking for when you whistle? Were you just trying to be the workcrew joker for the day? Trying to get your buddies all laughing or something? Dude, it was so lame that they didn't even laugh.

All I ask is for some decency. I mean, you're an adult just trying to do your job and I'm an adult just trying to enjoy the morning. Can't we live in harmony without you mocking me? God, how typical, too. I mean, can't you be more original than that?

Whistling is creepy and disgusting. Congrats buddy, you're a jerk. Happy now?

F U,



johnking said...

my dog likes it when I whistle. I was in a park, one time jogging with a female and two guys walked by us and said to her "you go get you some girl, you got a piece". I was rather flattered for some reason.

April said...

It kills me when people honk when they see me running. What is the point in that?

Dana said...

I agree April. It's like you need to focus on what you're doing & everyone else needs to leave you alone.