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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Decision '08

As April announced yesterday, plans for the Eugene Marathon have changed. She told me a few weeks ago that she just wasn’t able to swing a full-blown marathon/vacation weeklong extravaganza. Which is understandable, she has important things like a husband and an anniversary to think about and plan around, while I… well, let’s just say my schedule is always WIDE open.

Initially, I thought… well, I can’t afford to go out there by myself, really. So, I started looking around at other possibilities for that weekend. Turns out, I could either run the Flying Pig (in Cincinnati) on the exact same date, or I could bump everything up a week and run the Derby Marathon in Louisville. Which, let me just comment here on the Derby Marathon for a second… they also offer a half marathon there, which I would love to run (I have a great friend from college that lives in Louisville), but they call it a “mini-marathon.” How terrible does that sound? I can assure you that I will never be able to run that half as long as they continue to call it a “mini-marathon.” That’s so lame sounding. So, please, if you’re listening Race Directors… for the love of god, change the name to a Half-Marathon. No one wants to run 13.1 miles and have it referred to as something “mini.”

Whoa… tangent. Sorry. I use an ad for this race as a bookmark, so it's something that bothers me every night.

So, this weekend my mom was asking me about my marathon plans. I told her that I was considering the Cincy marathon on the same weekend, instead and she made an awesome proposal… “well, how about I travel to Oregon with you?”

So, yeah, woo hoo… She said she’s considering doing the trip with me! How awesome is that? She isn’t 100% in yet, but we’re at about 85%, so it’s looking like I’ll get to run in Eugene in after all! And, they have a 5k, so, she can run, too! Can you tell I’m excited by my over-usage of exclamation points!!?!


April said...

Yay! That's awesome!!!

Dana said...

Gotta love Mom for stepping up! And you make a good point about the race directors needing to change the name from "mini"-marathon to "half". There is NOTHING mini about running 13.1 miles!