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Thursday, February 28, 2008


Dear Mother Nature,

Hey, how's it going? So, it took me like 10 minutes of debating to figure out whether I should write this letter to you, or if possibly this letter should be directed at the Groundhog Phil (I'm not even attempting to type his full name). I mean, before he saw his shadow, things were fine. It's since February 1st that things have gone downhill. But, I realized, that he is merely reacting to your actions, so that's what I'm addressing this letter to you.

So, I try to be flexible. I really do. I understand that we need rain sometimes. I also understand that it has to be cold a lot of the time, too. I get that. I'm accomodating. But, what's up with the rain in the morning? And this week... snow??!??!??!?? I mean, it's almost March, and now you decide it's time to throw some snow into the mix? Crazy. So, Tuesday night, I went to bed and decided to not worry about the weather in the morning and just sleep in, instead. I only had to get 4 miles in on Wednesday, I could easily do that after work, right? Right.

Except... I didn't. I mean, it had been a LONG day at work. Filled with emotional outbursts, talks with boss-man, and tons and tons and tons of work. I was drained. I decided. What the hell? I'll just make Wednesday my off day.

Then, I started thinking... well, I could always double up on Thursday. Run my track intervals in the morning and then the 4 miler in the afternoon. I used to double up all the time. But, then... then, I got a brilliant idea. I'd combine the workouts! Instead of driving to the track like I usually do... I could run to the track and that would give me close to 4 extra miles. Perfect.

Except... when I went to bed last night, the snow had melted, but not dried and it was icy. Everywhere. Running in the dark on icy sidewalks, was not something I looked forward to. Let's be honest. I fall on my own, I don't need the additional danger of ice. So, instead... I slept in today, too. The plan is to run 4 miles tonight and then do my track workout in the morning. So, Mother Nature, I've worked it out. But, it makes me feel bad. I like to have my morning workouts done and over with. I don't like having to think about them all day long.

So, I have a deal to make with you... Please... let me have every morning of the week precipitation-less... everyday but Friday (well, starting next week, I need tomorrow morning clear for make-up). You can wreak hell and havoc all day, all night, just give me the time frame of 5:15-7:15 am clear (7:15-11:15 on sundays, if possible. thanks). Oh and that's central time, by the way.

My end of the bargain? Hmmm... okay, well, I'll buy the canvas bags to use at the grocery store and I'll buy the seventh generation cleaning products. Does that sound reasonable? I mean, I already drive my car very little, live in a multi-occupant building... I feel like that's really green, right?

Well, you mull it over and let me know. You know how to contact me.



April said...

HaHa!! Great letter! I'm glad you let her know what time zone you were in:)

I've come to terms with the fact that February is the coldest month of the year. At least in TN.

What is a 7th generation cleaning product?

Dana said...

Love the letter! Hopefully Mother Nature will comply & not "Return to Sender".


7th generation cleaning products are usually non-toxic,environmentally-friendly cleaning stuff. Think "green" for stuff you clean your house w/.