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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Enemies and Excuses

I'm supposed to be running to strengthen my ankle and also get myself ready for January 1, 2008. That's when the official training will commence. If I decide to do the advanced plan, like Amy, then my first long run will be 10 miles. At this point, I'm not so sure I can handle that. I'm way way way out of shape. So yikes about that.
Here is today's excuse:
I actually did get out of bed this morning only to discover a horrible storm.
Can't risk death by electrocution! That would not be a good Christmas.

So instead, I watched The Today Show. Did y'all watch it? It was a tearjerker today.
Man oh man.
One story was about this family in California who had gone into the woods to cut down a Christmas tree (very Griswaldy of them, right?) and then got lost for three days. But don't worry! They were found because they spelled out HELP with twigs in the snow! It's a Christmas Miracle!

And this other story was about a 22 year old adopted guy who had been searching for his birth mother for a long time. Turns out they had been working at the EXACT SAME LOWE'S for 8 months. Wow. Isn't that just amazing.

And finally, there were several stories about soldiers coming home and surprising their families for the holidays. If that doesn't make you cry, you have no heart.
They were seriously going for the home run this morning.

But see...if I had been out running, I would not have seen these touching stories. I like to think that I'll be a little bit sweeter today for having watched The Today Show on this stormy day.

It might be a little bit ok that I haven't run since Saturday if I weren't having to constantly battle the temptation of these Christmas goodies:

They win every time. And I seriously did bust my second pair of pants in two weeks. I'm not even kidding. I would never kid about something so serious.

So please leave me some encouraging comments cause Lord knows I need them.

P.S. If you are successful, I might make you those Pioneer Woman Cinnamon Rolls

Yum. Yum.


Amy said...

Ok, first of all... Good Morning America is the morning show to watch, don't mess with that Today show crap. And second of all... you should purchase some of those Kathy Lee Pants that have the built in elastic on the sides... yeah, that's the way to go. And lastly... give yourself a break, man. Once Jan 1st rolls around, Hal Higdon (or H-squared as I like to refer to him... ok, actually thats the first time I've ever used that)is going to whip your ass into shape. So, sure... load up on the sweets now, because soon, very soon... there will be no sweets in your future. (Okay, there will be... but not as many, right?).

smc said...

Oh man, military folk surprising anyone makes me cry. I saw one show where the guy goes to his 5-year old son's classroom to surprise him. I think I cried for three days just thinking about it.

Hang in there with the ankle. My best friend is a marathoner (marathonaneer?) and I know about training woes as close to first-hand as a second-hand could be.

Thanks for swinging by my blog yesterday!