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Monday, November 5, 2007

Plan B

Well here's the deal, folks. I won't be running anywhere, anytime soon. I've got a football injury. Yes, that's right. Football.
The weekend before last, I was in Knoxville for the UT vs. USC game and we were tailgating before the game. I was playing this QB toss against Greg...and I was trying to get the footballs through these little holes for points (it was a very high-tech game). Anyway, I jumped up and when I came down, I rolled my ankle and managed to tear 3 ligaments. And YES, I know that one is not supposed to jump when throwing a football, but whatever, I'm a runner not a football player.
So I am currently wearing a big boot and using crutches to get around. I go back to the doctor on Friday so we'll see how that goes. You may be wondering why its taken me so long to post this disheartening news. The answer is that I don't really know. I guess I've just been so disappointed about not being able to run the marathon and I didn't want to accept it. Its like blogging about it made it set in stone. Sigh...
But, on the bright side, I am excited about being free to volunteer at some races. Especially the St. Jude Marathon in December, which Amy will be winning! Goooooo AMY!!!!
I guess my posts will now consist of ankle updates. And I promise to post a picture of poor, sad me on crutches. Maybe at least I can get some pity out of the deal.

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Amy said...

It is VERY ironic that your injury came from THROWING a football. Not many people can say they tore three ligaments in their foot/leg from throwing a football :)

And, wow... winning the marathon, huh? No pressure there ;)