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Monday, October 29, 2007

18 miles? No problem... I'll even do 18.25!

Friday night was my mom's birthday and boy did I ever take advantage of carb loading for my long run Saturday morning. We had dinner at Maggianos... ordered from the family style menu and basically, I gorged myself. Oh yeah, and then we went back to my place for cake. And again, I gorged myself.

So, when my alarm went off saturday morning at 5am. I HAD to get up. No excuses.

I got started right at 6am. I wasn't sure if I was going to do 17 or 18, but was going to be happy with either. I started off in the Park (cause it was still dark) and ended up running about 7.5 in the park before I strapped on my hydration belt, took my jacket off and headed out in the streets of Goodlettsville.

And let me take a minute here to mention that I had no gu for this run. I had one orange one in my hydration belt, but I knew that just wasn't enough, so I wanted to save it just in case I needed it. But, I never used it.

The sun never came out. It was a cool, damp run, but it was mostly comfortable. I felt really good for the first 12 miles or so. And then around miles 14-16 I felt pretty fatigued. No pains (thank god) just general boredom and tiredness. But, I plugged on (by that point, I had to... gotta love out and back routes). I ended up back at my car with 18.25 miles in just under 3 hours. Averaging about 9:30 miles. A good slow, long run pace for me. And no gu! Awesome.

Afterwards, I didn't feel light headed, no nausea, no extreme muscle stiffness. I went home, showered, had breakfast and spent the rest of the day shopping, watching football, etc.

Sunday morning I woke up and my left knee felt stiff. That's the knee that bothered me during the marathon last time, so I decided to take yesterday off to let it heal and it must have worked because this morning... no pain or stiffness even while running!

Peak condition, baby. That's my new nickname :)

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April said...

Way to go on an awesome long run!! Keep it up!