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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Rain Run

Since I slept in yesterday, I had to complete my run after work. It's a good thing too cause it was raining. Yes that's right. Running in the rain is good. Something about it is just refreshing and cleansing. Plus it was nice to get a break from the heat and humidity.
Most people looked at me from their cars like wow, that girl is nuts.
But I did pass one other crazy runner who just pumped his fists in the air victoriously like we were the only two who knew the secret.

Running in the rain feels good.

Here I am, postrun, glistening with rainwater


Amy said...

DAMN! I'm soooo jealous! I love rain runs!!! (well, at least short ones).

April said...

Yeah I kept wondering what it would be like to run a whole marathon in the rain. I'm thinking there would be some serious blisters!