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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Loving this weather!

Yesterday was a bad day for me. The work part of work was fine, but the studying part of work was really bumming me out. Failing practice test after practice test is not a good sign and can really start to make you feel like the dumbest person alive after awhile. So when 5 o'clock rolled around, I was more than ready to get out there and get a good, hard run in. I desperately needed to get all of the built up frustration out. I felt like I might have been on the verge of a mini breakdown.
When I got to Shelby Farms, the weather was just about perfect...sunny, but not miserably hot and humid like it has been all summer. I could just feel fall right around the corner. And fall is the best season to run (and just overall too)!
I wanted to mix it up a bit so I went straight to the trails. The trails there are tough at certain points, but very enjoyable. When you run trails, you have to be attentive so I figured that would help keep my mind off of my woes. It worked. I was sweating and huffing and in no time I could feel the stress slowly leave my body.
Greg's phone call during my run also helped to lift my spirits. He had some great news. The seller of the house we want to buy has decided to accept our offer! If the home inspection passes all the tests, then we will become proud new homeowners! Yay!

I got my new Saucony Grid Trigon 5's over the weekend and I wore them yesterday and this morning. They feel good except that the heels need to be worn in and stretched out. They were seriously rubbing my heels raw, even with band aids on them...
especially on my right foot....see...

That's hardcore, baby!
Look at how Banner was mesmerized by my new, shiny shoes!

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Amy said...

Ooooo they are pretty! And do I remember you saying that you got them for free????

Congrats on the run and the house! Woo hoo!!!

Also.. wow, thats is hardcore... like I like to say... you aren't a trail runner unless you bleed!