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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Long Run Re-cap

So, this weekend I had a 12 mile long run planned.

I woke up Saturday morning feeling groggy and a little sick to my stomach. I got up anyway, got dressed and headed out the door. By the time I got to the park, I was really nauseous and was doubting that I'd be successful in a 12 mile run that day.

I was the only person at the park at 5:30am. And it was really dark and frankly, a little creepy, I took a picture...

But, I managed to get in 4 miles... vowing to just do the 12 tomorrow morning instead (the beauty of planning long runs on saturdays... you have an extra day to do it, if for some reason you can't on saturday!). I just felt pretty run down and tired and I couldnt shake the feeling of having to throw up.

So, Sunday morning, I woke up DREADING the run again. And let me just say... that this weekend was wet and soppy and still very humid, not ideal running weather. I got up anyway and did 6 miles on the treadmill and then finished up with 3 miles outside in a misty rain. So, I only did 9.

I'm pretty disappointed overall in my long runs, but I think I've discovered part of the problem.

1. My superstitious favorite lunch day before a long run has not been had yet.
2. I'm not drinking sufficient amounts of water the day before the long run.

So.... with that being said, this week, I'm going to set myself up for a perfect 12 miler. Friday for lunch I'm going to mellow mushroom (the key to a GREAT long run the next day... trust me folks, it works) and plenty of water on friday. Then Saturday I will wake up and I will run the Team Nashville 10 mile route, adding on the 2.1 loop at the park first. (More on that route later). I'm pumped. (Too bad it's only tuesday... hopefully I can sustain the pumped up-ness till Saturday morning).

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April said...

Yeah...whats up with not having THE LUNCH?! And I love your picture. haha.