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Monday, August 6, 2007

You know You're Dehydrated When...

1. You realize at about mile 3 of a supposed 8 mile long run that you haven't had any water in about 12 hours, but you are soaking wet with sweat.
2. You backtrack on a trail to get back to your car for a measly few gulps of warm water.
3. You feel like you could drink an entire 20 oz bottle of water in one gulp... you realize that it would likely make you throw up, but you consider it nonetheless.
4. You can't spit.
5. You feel nauseaus.
6. You start to get tunnel vision and feel as though the blackness around the corners of your vision is starting to close in around you.
7. You go to Dick's within 2 hours and spend 35 bucks on one of these...

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