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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Early Mornings

So, last week I complained about the darkness. It was too dark to run earlier than 5:35 or so. Well, Saturday morning during the race, this topic came up and my mom and I figured out... she runs in the morning, I run in the morning.. why don't we run together when its dark in the morning??? BRILLIANT! (It took us a week to figure this out. We're a slow family... in more ways than one.)

Yesterday morning and this morning, we met at 5:10am to run. And it works out perfect! By the time she's ready to head back inside, it's light enough outside for me to continue alone. This morning, I had wanted to do a shorter, tempo run (she was only running 2 miles, so I was going to use those two miles as a warm up). But my legs were feeling pretty fatigued. So, the tempo run is on deck for Thursday morning.

I'm scared.

I was reading in the runners world last night, something to the effect of "if you train at a slow, regular pace... you will always be at the slow, regular pace." Yikes! I read that, and then today, I average 10 minute miles. Great. Just effing great. Why don't I just buy a turtle costume and resign myself to the fact that I'm too comfortable running slow!!! Yeah, I'm too competitive for that. How do I get faster? TEMPO RUNS!!!!! So, I gotta start doing those once a week and I also need to buy a heart rate monitor.

Tonight: Yoga Lattes and tomorrow: REST DAY.


April said...

That would be great-we can buy matching turtle costumes to wear in the next race!
I'm doing a tempo run tomorrow...

Amy said...

Yeah, I was actually thinking about it... and we should totally run a race together around halloween with Teenage mutant ninja turtle outfits on...

totally unoriginal, but pretty fun.