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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Throwing down the gauntlet...

Okay, so I have a good idea (I think).

I think we should have a little challenge to help keep us on track... nutrition-wise. Now, I know that we each have our own food logs that we are supposed to be keeping, but that is something that we keep to ourselves.

Well, I am suggesting that we have the ability to initiate a Nutrition Challenge to the other at any time.

This means, that if I were to challenge you today, then you would have list on the blog EVERYTHING that you ate yesterday... if you ate 5 oreos, 2 bags of cheetos, and washed it all down with a six pack of Pabst, you gotta blog it right here for all our 6 readers to see. This way, maybe i'll think twice about eating a hamburger and fries for lunch one day for fear of everyone reading what a gluttonous, undisciplined pig I am.

What do you think? You game? (By the way, I'm not challenging you today, just offering up the idea of the challenge).

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