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Monday, August 6, 2007

Savage Gulf Trail: 7 miles.

So, after the race and a big breakfast at cracker barrel. Chad and I loaded up the car and headed off to the Savage Gulf State Park. It's about a 2 hour drive south of Nashville near Monteagle.
We had been studying the trail guides and decided on the most "strenous and challenging" trail at the park. Apparently, we think we are experienced hikers and that "strenous and challenging" doesn't apply to us.
We were wrong.
This trail was extremely strenous, the first 2 miles was a constant descent over trails of loose rocks. (I always thought trails were like dirt and stuff? But apparently a trail, just means it's marked off with colors on trees to follow). It was awesome though and we had a great time.

We mistakenly thought that this was the "challenging" descent the pamplet discussed. No, sir. This was the easy part!

This was a pretty tough part of the trail, walking over all those rocks... just waiting for Mr. No Shoulders to rear his skinny little head and inject my ankle with his venom.

There were crazy mushrooms all the over the place! These looked like Mario Brothers Mushrooms!

This made it worth it though!! This is the biggest waterfall I've ever seen out in nature! And there would be pictures of us playing in the water, except it was being guarded by Mr. No Shoulders sunning in between two rocks. Yeah, I almost stepped on him while trying to run down to the waterfall and completely freaked out. I should probably take a moment and mention that I'm afraid of snakes.

This was an easier part of the trail. Note the "Trail-like" features... dirt.

Here I am climbing up the trail on the way back. Notice, I'm wearing the backpack. Yeah, my boyfriend is a jackass. (Just kidding. I asked to wear the backpack on the way back. I like to struggle, I'm kind of hardcore like that).

See how sweaty I am? I'm glistening with sweat. I swear, I've never sweated this much in my entire life, my clothes were completely soaked.

This was one of the overlooks at the top of the trail. Beautiful.

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April said...

That looks so incredibly beautiful! I bet you were exhausted at the end of that day!