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Monday, August 6, 2007

Road Race Series 2007-5 miler #1

Boy was it hot. And humid. I was soaked before I even began the race. I also wasn't expecting all those hills! This was a tough race, but since I didn't have a goal time, I was pleased with the results. My official time was 46:21, but I know I finished a bit faster than that since I crossed the start line a few seconds after the start of the clock. But I guess that's how it is every time unless I get up there with the speedy guys, which I most likely won't do.

There wasn't a photographer at this race, but Greg took this of me (with my trademark cap)before race time:

I took advantage of the tax-free weekend and bought myself some new shoes! I went to Sports Authority to get my Saucony Trigons, but they didn't have any so I decided to try the Mizuno Wave Rider 10s.
I used to have Mizunos and I really liked them, but they were too small for my feet. So this time, I went with a larger size. So far, so good! They feel great and I think they are helping with my injury because I haven't experienced any pain while wearing them. The only thing I notice is that the toe box is so much more narrow than the Sauconys.
You think you have white shoes until you buy some new ones:

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Amy said...

Oooooo new shoes! I'm so jealous!!! My shoes are completely black. It's ridiculous.

Good job on the race. While I was running on sunday, I was thinking about you and trying to give you good vibes!