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Friday, August 17, 2007

Running as therapy...once I make it there...

Usually, my mood and attitude toward the after-work run will go up and down all throughout the day. Of course, it is much better if I get up before work and get that run out of the way, but we've discussed that issue on this blog and you all know where I currently stand. So anyway...

In the morning, I get to work, make my green tea and immediately post my previous days' workout on my running log. Then I'll come on over to 26.2 and see how Amy's workout progressed. And by this time, the caffeine from the tea is making me feel all bright-eyed and bushy tailed and I get excited about all the miles I want to run after work. So that's great. I'm excited and ready to run! In ONLY 9 hours.

You know, it would be ideal if I could just run for a living. I could be an elite runner and have a coach and sponsors and everything...that would be awesome. But ok, I'll quit dreaming now. I'm not an elite runner, I'm just a girl who loves to run. I have a day job that is often stressful and a little family who is quite demanding of my free time. Running is important to me. It keeps me strong and healthy. Plus I love it that I can grow as a runner. I can always try to beat my previous times and make new goals. But sometimes (ok a lot of the time) I just don't feel like running...and this is where I get back to my story.

So, right...morning time...feeling good and pumped up. After lunch, not so great...sleepy and kind of starting to regret the decision to run. But then from about 3pm-5pm, I am, once again, ready to run. I'm usually ready to just MOVE after sitting in front of my computer all day. But, you know, it's funny how fast that feeling can go away. By the time I get down to my car and have been sitting in traffic for 25 minutes, I totally don't want to run. I want to eat and watch TV. I'm tired and hot...and well, you know the story.

So yesterday, it all happened just like that. But, I was good and I made it to the gym. I started on the treadmill and it felt GOOD. All at once I felt the stress of the day leave my body. My muscles were relaxed and I was running very fluidly. It's just amazing how good running can make you feel. (to be fair, it also sometimes sucks) Yesterday, though, it felt great. I was constantly upping my speed. The faster I ran and the more I sweated, the better I felt. And when I was done with my 5 miles, I felt like a ton of bricks had been removed from my shoulders. ahhhh.

And well, today is progressing much like yesterday. It's 1:30 PM and I'm kind of full and sleepy from lunch. Will I run the 8 miles as planned? Only time will tell, but I'm hoping this post will help to motivate.

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