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Friday, August 10, 2007

$90 down the drain (at least they were tax free)

Well it turns out that I just can't wear Mizunos. They worked out for a few runs, but the past few days have been rough. My tallest/middle toe keeps getting jammed against the inside front of the shoe. Let me just say that it is not the best feeling in the world. After yesterday's run, I was walking on my heels out of the gym so that my toes wouldn't touch anywhere. They are so sore that not only can I not comfortably wear socks, but I couldn't even stand the sheets over my feet last night. The sheet weighed too much. Crazy, I know.

The Mizunos that I had before (which gave me blue toenails for at least a year) were a Christmas gift from my dad. They were a size 5. And you know, athletic shoes run small. I wear a 6 or 6.5 in regular, everyday shoes. Anyway, he got them on clearance even though they were a tad bit too small. (They were clearance! If you know my dad, you will understand).
But I know Mizuno makes good running shoes and I wanted to give them another chance. I'd been over to Fleet Feet and they said that I needed to be wearing a 7. I was surprised because I thought that would make it worse, with my feet sliding up and back. But those smart folks at FF knew what they were talking about. That day, I left the store with some Sauconys and they were awesome.

So back to the Mizunos...these are 7s. They hurt. They give me blue toenails. That's no good. I'm out $90. Boo.

I'm thinking it is because Sauconys have this really wide toebox, whereas the Mizunos are very narrow. I guess my toesies like to spread out and be free.

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Amy said...

Ahhh... yes, I can relate... I, too, wasted about 90 bucks on Mizuno's (plus tax!!!). They made my heels hurt (i dont even strike on my heels!!!). So, I gave them to my mom and she runs in them now and likes them. But I vowed to stay away from the mizunos forever. When it comes to the most important equipment for running... your shoes... it's best to stick with what works. And it cost us both 90 bucks to figure that out... Blah.