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Thursday, October 6, 2016

5 things.

1. I finally signed up for the marathon that I am running/hobbyjogging/walking/crawling through in about 10 days. Thankfully, our hotel is within walking distance of the race, so, I will just let everyone know NOT to wait around on me, to go back to the hotel, shower, go to lunch, have a few beers, and then HOPEFULLY I will be able to join them for dinner. Or ya know, they can visit me in the hospital or whatev.

2. I am hesitant to even mention it, but, I think I might just FINALLY be motivated to get my shit together. I signed up for the legit weight watchers last week (not just the fake app that I used with success last year) and I'm still trying to get into consistent strength training. Along with that, I'm also trying to set some personal and career goals and it feels good to be giving myself control again. Too often, I get caught up in the mundane and find myself just floating along and bebopping through time without really being PRESENT in my life. So, that feels good.

3. I've started wearing a headlamp in my early morning weekday runs and everyday I am utterly baffled at how we ever ran at this same time of day, same time of year, same park without one before.

4. The KoB and I have started watching American Horror Story. We've finished the first season and are about halfway through the second. Generally, I am strictly opposed to all things scary. But, I am finding this show really enjoyable. It's spooky. But, not nightmare provoking. (After I saw The Ring, I couldn't sleep with my light off for like 9 days. It was bad).

5. One of my favorite things about Weight Watchers it their social media section called Connect. Everyone on there is talking about something called Halo Top. Normally, I'm not really into "diety" foods. I'd rather eat a little bit of the real thing that has ingredients that I can pronounce. BUT, ice cream is one of my favorite things. And considering a HALF CUP (which is like... why even bother getting up off the couch to scoop out a half cup?) has more than 1/3 of my allocated points for the day. I think I might have to give this low cal ice cream a try. Anyone else had it??


LAPT said...

Halo Top is not awful. If you add sprinkles or low cal toppings, it's actually pretty good. I like the birthday cake flavor. I have a friend who is bulking and he eats an entire pint every night. So... try it!

Carina said...

I had a coupon for free Halo Top, but didn't find it in the store before the coupon expired, so I've never tried it. Good luck at the marathon, hope it's at least a fun and pretty new state, and maybe you meet some interesting peeps along the way!

Gracie said...

I should stop eating ice cream every night, shouldn't I? (Wondering why I keep gaining weight...)