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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Best Laid Plans: Leadville Trip 2016

Let me be real with you guys. Originally, when we were talking about this trip back in like January or something, I got the GREAT idea, that we should backpack/hike the entire (one-way) length of the Leadville 100 course. We were going to get dropped off at the turnaround point and then take 3-4 days hiking/backpacking/gasping for air the 50 miles back to Leadville.

Doesn't that sound amazing?????

The only issue? I've never backpacked before. And so, we decided that we'd do a couple of trips leading up to it to make sure that I'm not going to whine and die the entire time while hiking and carrying a pack.

Did we do those little trips? Nope.

So, we bagged the backpacking trip... NEXT YEAR, DAMMIT. And since The KoB was quickly dying at 10,000+ ft, we decided to spend our Sunday driving around again. And we did drive out to the turn around point of the Leadville 100 course. Which, also happens to be our darling, eyebrowed, furry child's namesame:

 Eyebrowed Winfield.

Ghost Town Winfield.

Both equally charming.

Other fun random things from our trip so that I can finally wrap this trip report up.  

Gilman, Colorado
And abandoned mining town that we saw from the side of the road.
It was so eery. It was everyone woke up one day and left.
According to wikipedia: it was abandoned in 1984 by order of the EPA.

 A Beautiful bridge that we drove over and then under later on.

 We made a rule that we stopped at every "point of interest"
that we encountered. We read a LOT of historical markers.

It was an amazing trip and an amazing vacation. Thankfully, since we spent the last night in Denver before flying home, The KoB's HAPE did get better.

See you next year, Colorado!!

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Carina said...

Have you ever seen those Chernobyl videos? Just random cities that everyone suddenly evacuated (or almost everyone). I've always loved seeing pictures of ghost towns and things like that. Sounds like a great trip!