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Monday, July 11, 2016

Olympic Trials Favorite Moments

Sorry I've been so quiet over here lately. I'm hoping to get things cranked back up in the blog world in the next few weeks, so, don't give up on me just yet!

Just a quick note on two of my favorite things from the Trials. (And to be fair, I didn't watch anywhere near ALL of the events, so, my favorite moments are ones that I did actually see).

Hillary Bor in the 3000 Men's Steeplechase.

Whoa. The steeplechase is one of my favorite races to watch, because, I honestly just think that it's such a ridiculous and yet awesome race. YOU HAVE TO JUMP OVER A HURDLE AND INTO/OVER A HOLE FULL OF WATER. What the fuck? How is that even a real thing?

Fox Hunt Scene from Mary Poppins

It always makes me think of a scene from my favorite childhood movie: Mary Poppins. I just love the weirdness of it and I can't ever imagine attempting it myself. 

Anyway, the finals turned into an amazing race and I loved watching Bor surge at the end and wind up with a ticket to Rio AND a personal best. Not a bad day.

And my other favorite:
Allyson Felix

Allyson Felix qualifying in the 400m. I can't really pinpoint why I like her so much, but I do. Always have. So, I was thrilled that she will be competing in Rio, as well.

Go Team USA!


Carina said...

A bunch of the trials are saved on my dvr, so I've watched very little. I've always thought the weirdest even was the triple jump. Like, why those awkward 3 extra steps?

Gracie said...

Lagat's 5000 finish was pretty good, too. Also, Rupp running away with the 10k...almost ridiculous.